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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Walking Away

From "A Mended Heart - Rosary Meditations on Forgiveness"

"Admitting fault is difficult enough but asking for forgiveness is one of the most difficult and humbling experiences we can face.  Pride and embarrassment sometimes holds us back, but we know it is absolutely necessary to admit our faults and make amends. We become vulnerable in our humility and repentance; we are sincere and anticipate forgiveness.
Unfortunately, there are some who refuse to forgive.  The past is continually recalled, and we are constantly rebuked.  Carrying grudges instead of forgiving inhibits the ability to be truly happy and creates a detachment from God and His will.  Whatever the transgression, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven.  Jesus sets the ultimate example."

If someone in our life refuses to forgive, we have to accept it and let go. If we don't, that person becomes toxic and we are at risk of being affected emotionally and spiritually.  It's okay to be protective and walk away, as long as it's done without malice and with a forgiving heart.

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