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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life Interrupted

Well folks, it's almost here!  Fantasy Football starts in a little over a week.

As a writer, I struggle with stress due to deadlines, rewrites and editing, but the stress involved in Fantasy Football is different ... and excruciating.  The minute I got a reminder from Yahoo that it's time to get my league together, my blood pressure spiked and the competitor came out of hibernation.

This is what my life will be like during the season:

1.  Adding and dropping players in the middle of the night before anyone else gets a chance to grab the "good ones."

2.  Researching weekly statistics and projections daily for upcoming games ... adjusting my roster accordingly.

3.  Laptop, cell phone, television and Ipad tuned into games on Sunday (So many players, so little devices.)

4.  Fighting the temptation to turn on my cell phone and check my player points while singing in the church choir on Sundays.  (Thank goodness we sing on Saturday nights a lot!)

5.  Trying to keep my smack talk "clean".

6.  Checking injury and illness reports daily.

7.  Expecting to explain and prove to the neighbors (or cops at the door) there is no domestic dispute going on...

8.  Making sure I have plenty of comfort food for those bad weeks.

9.  Trying to keep my promise to my dentist that I won't grit my teeth.

10. Most importantly, constantly reminding myself meals won't cook themselves, laundry will not fold itself, the house will not clean itself, and the dogs can't open the door themselves.

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