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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Candidates and Blood Money

David Daleiden was the keynote speaker at an event I recently attended – the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos that finally brought the truth to light.  He spoke of some of the atrocities uncovered and showed a portion of one of the videos that showed how callous and greedy the abortion industry is.  His rewards for the fearless expose were indictments in Texas, being sued in California federal court and the most recent reward … his home raided and computers seized on orders from the California Attorney General (whose Senate bid is being plenteously funded by Planned Parenthood). 

Our country was already in trouble when a child in the womb was determined to have no value and could  be legally killed via Roe v Wade.  It’s in more trouble now because Planned Parenthood and affiliates realized the child does have value…not for its humanity but for body parts.  Greed reared its ugly head - galvanizing the force of evil.

The fight continues, and I will continue to speak out against this barbaric practice.  These are children, my friends … not an old car someone can “part-out” to make a profit.  We need to keep this issue in the forefront and demand a comprehensive investigation into the perpetrators, not the brave souls that exposed the truth.  Most importantly, we must reject candidates pursuing public office that are lining their pockets with Planned Parenthood and affiliate’s blood money.   

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction,
is the first and only object of good government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

With David Daleiden

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

I’m sure the title of this blog post will bring a smile to fellow authors Murray PuraWilliam Tasch, Jim Griffin, and Big Jim Williams.  The term is most certainly the best describer of my circumstances.  Losing both of my parents within two years of each other, an unexpected loss of a very dear friend and unnecessary family drama took a toll on me emotionally, but it also affected all aspects of my life, including my ministries and of course, my writing. 

I had started a collaborative effort with my publisher as well as outlining Series II of Grave Obsessions when my father began to fail.  I had a responsibility to my readers (and publisher) and knew they anxiously awaited finished products; therefore, I forged on for a while, but the joy and excitement usually experienced while weaving tales was non-existent.  The days leading to my father’s passing is when the keyboard started to gather dust.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to take a sabbatical, it just happened.  I continued to blog, but even then I threw in some old posts because I just couldn’t get enthused and to be honest, all I really wanted to do was not only get off the saddle but sell it along with the horse and barn.

Grief takes many forms as does stress.  When reviewing what I had written up to the break, I was appalled.  It was disjointed.  The words didn’t flow, they were just thrown on the page for word count and carried no emotion, excitement, or heart. 

I am now on a salvage mission, and thus far, it’s going well.  Granted, there is a great deal of rewriting to do, but the horse is rested and ready to sprint to the finish line.   

Thank you for your patience and understanding…..


Friday, May 6, 2016


As Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself, once again, on an emotional roller-coaster.  I look forward to hearing from my son who lives in Michigan and getting updates on his life and the lives of my precious granddaughters.  Sadly, after we hang up, I’ll stare at the phone knowing there should have been two more calls. 

My mind will fill with questions that have no answers. What would Sarah and Matthew have shared with me on their calls?  How many more grandchildren would I have had to love, spoil and brag about?     

My joy will forever be tarnished on Mother’s Day because of my decision to abort two precious angels over thirty years ago.  My heart should be filled with joy, knowing I have a loving son and grandchildren, but it isn’t ... it is aching with sadness and regret for the two voids within it.   

Although I’ve made amends to God and my children, as well as forgiven myself through healing, the void is always there.  The only saving grace is that God gave me the courage to share my pain publicly. I pray my words will prevent others from experiencing the emptiness of a Mother’s Day call that will never come.