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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Witness to Healing

Rachel's Hope had it's inaugural healing retreat for post-abortive women in El Centro, CA this weekend.  Alicia Lucio, the leader of the retreat asked me to co-lead along with my friend and mentor Leslie Brunolli.  

The participants walked into the retreat house in devastating spiritual and emotional pain.  They courageously shared their pain with us and with God's help, went through every step of the program with open hearts.  With each exercise we watched these broken women immerse themselves in God's love and mercy and by the time the retreat ended instead of tears of pain we saw tears of joy - they had been freed from the chains of guilt, anger, shame and regret.  

Watching the women transform can only be described as miraculous.  I could feel the presence of God and the Blessed Mother and know they were not only holding the participants in their loving arms, they were with Alicia, Leslie and me every step of the way. 

I am blessed ~ not just by seeing God's healing power first-hand but working with two beautiful, compassionate souls that God chose to spread his message of forgiveness and mercy.

One of the ceremonies we utilize is Agape.  The purpose is to show the love of God through each other in support of the healing process during the retreat.  The goal is to strengthen the participants, leader and co-leaders for the work to be done and symbolizes the unity required in the healing process.  
Our Agape Table
Sheer Serenity


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