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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Old Friends

I had a date with my dad last night but before we started our adventure I returned to the place I used to work.  I retired last May in order to care for my mom and it was the first time I'd been back inside the building.  Feelings of melancholy flowed through me while looking into my old office.  Sitting at the desk was someone else... (what...they didn't make it a shrine????).  I was greeted by former colleagues with smiles and hugs and my mind flooded with a multitude of memories.  It was then I realized how much I missed them and what a blessing it was having them in my life.  For nine years, forty hours a week we were together and became family.  We laughed, cried and even sometimes argued....we supported each other in hard times and celebrated successes.

Thank you God for bringing those wonderful people into my life.  I don't see them as often as I would like but it's heartwarming to know time doesn't take away the love I still carry for each and every one of them.



  1. We spend so much of our life at work, if you are not happy at your job then you have a very unhappy life and the people you work with have a large part in that...



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