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Thursday, May 1, 2014

God's Timing

My husband and I just returned from a four day mini-vacation in Palm Springs.  We were joined by his two sisters (visiting from Connecticut and Maine), as well as my dad.   I had originally planned on starting Volume 2 of Grave Obsessions while there, but was having a problem formulating the story line.  I had a plethora (love that word) of ideas floating in my brain but nothing stuck.  I started to stress out, then prayed for inspiration.  I suddenly stopped worrying (which is quite rare) and was able to actually relax and enjoy spending quality time with family...and guess what happened?  Yep!  I woke up this morning 
and the direction for Volume 2 popped into my mind.

Lesson Learned:  Had God answered me right away, I would have glued myself to the laptop and missed out on getting more acquainted with my terrific sisters-in-law, spending quiet time with my husband and seeing my dad enjoy himself with all of us "youngsters"!   God's timing is impeccable and I am forever grateful!



  1. Patti, this is such an important word! When our writing just isn't clicking and we're feeling creatively blah, a break in routine can help us to come back refreshed and inspired, which is what each poem or manuscript needs too: freshness and inspired insight.


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