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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Bit of Humor and Girl's Night Out

Just a few items I would like to share today that I hope will bring a smile to your face!

They Won't Show this on the Food Channel!  Last week I broke out in hives.  I didn't know what caused them but I was miserable.  I tried baking soda, calamine lotion, benadryl and any other home remedy I could get my hands on.  They were starting to spread to my face (oh no, not that!) so I decided to visit urgent care.  (Of course, I waited until my doctor's office was closed so had to pay through my itchy nose!).  Diagnosis:  I had made a wonderful meal for my husband, dad and uncle which included a beautiful salad with fresh, homemade bleu cheese dressing (I made a gallon of it!).  The dressing was sooooo delicious I ate three salads in two days. Well, as you all know, bleu cheese is made of mold, right?  Fresh bleu cheese is stronger than the bottled stuff, right?  Penicillin is made from mold, right? Now...guess who's allergic to penicillin? You got it! ME!  I had an allergic reaction to one of my best creations ever....and now the gallon of dressing sits in the refrigerator ... being enjoyed by everyone ... but me.  (But it does give me an idea for a possible salad serial killer book!)


Girls Night Out:

Although under the influence of a double dose steroid shot for my hives (which creates not-so-pleasurable mood swings), and still itching a little...I was not about to miss my planned GNO with my best friend, Susan ... a Q & A event with Melissa Manchester headlining, and an overnight stay at a casino/hotel.  The show was awesome (video clip follows) but spending time with Susan made it even more special. I was fortunate to meet her through her very first AA sponsor (Dottie B.).  Dottie passed a few years ago and you all know my mom passed in February.  I walked with Susan through her grief and she's walking with me through mine.  The GNO was our way to celebrate not just our friendship but our mothers.  I'm sure mom and Dottie were sitting together thinking, "Yep, those are our girls!  Singing along with Melissa, swaying to the music, acting like crazy ladies in the casino and freaking out over the Q & A moderator's shoes (you have to see them....they were unbelievable!).

Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Mother's Day Mom & Dottie....we love and miss you!

We had front row seats which was great!  
In this clip she explains the birth of a song she wrote, then performs it.  


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