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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Does anybody out there have a problem with self-confidence?  Go ahead, raise your hand, I won't tell!  Well, I'll raise mine....

I love writing ... and have been doing it for over 50 years (yikes, that sounds awful!), but never pursued getting published until last year. Writing for myself is one thing but submitting a book for publication was terrifying. I told myself I didn't care if it got picked up (Do you know what denial means?  Don't Even Notice I Am Lying). Surprisingly enough, Helping Hands Press picked it up. I was off to the races.  With a smile on my face, laptop attached to my hip and the Holy Spirit at the keyboard, I wrote one devotional after another...loving every minute of it.

Then came the request from my publisher (Wow, I really have a publisher!!!) to broaden my horizons ... Try a light romance (The San Francisco Wedding Planner Series). Ms."You Can't Do That" whispered in my ear and the terror returned but through prayer and encouragement, I tried it anyway.  I loved it!!!  My little world of writing was expanding and I was having fun.

On the roller coaster ride of writing this old coot learned something ...  Martina Navratolova said it all.  Another thing I learned was (here it comes, Patti's words of wisdom):  If I succumb to fear I lose the joy in what I'm doing and lose an opportunity to grow. But most importantly, I will be telling God I question his judgement in blessing me with the gift of words.


P.S.  I grew a little more ... I just submitted Volume I of a suspense/thriller series. 
Not only did I have fun...I scared myself!
Keep checking in for a release date!     

Synopsis:  He noticed a strong odor as he moved the curtains to look inside. A vile liquid surged up his throat and spilled out on the grass. He grabbed his cell phone and called 911. Thus begins the case that unnerves the most seasoned veterans on the force. A witness interview leads Detective Dallas Keegan and her partner to evidence that puts the investigation into overdrive. HE IS NOT DONE. Her personal life unravels as she hunts down this demon while fighting her own.  (Bwahaha!)


  1. Hi Patti - So happy for your success!

    1. It's a work in progress my friend! Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!

  2. Proud of you for taking a chance, Patti! Can't wait to read your new short story!

    1. Thanks Jen! Looking forward to your Vikings book!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement today, Patti, and all the best each day as you write and gain confidence in your God-given abilities.


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