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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Renewal of Sorts

When I was much younger (okay, LOTS younger) my mom and dad bought a piano.  I didn't take lessons at first because I was able to play by ear.  Granted, my repertoire was not extensive, but my parents (of course) loved hearing me tickle those ivories.  I tried taking lessons later on but struggled because I felt inhibited following sheet music (ever the rebel). Eventually, I lost interest in playing.  In the early 70's, mom and dad bought a music store, selling Baldwin pianos and organs.  They traded in our piano for an organ and I was off and running once more. I loved all the bells and whistles and developed a much better repertoire than I had with the piano.  

My folks belonged to a dance group, "The Over The Hill Gang", with music provided by Mr. Casey, an extremely talented, play-by-ear organist.  His Baldwin had even more bells and whistles than ours, and sounded like a full dance band.  Mom and Dad invited me to those dances a couple of times and even though I begrudgingly went (come on, I was 19 or so and had better things to do), I actually had a good time. In fact, a few times when Mr. Casey took a break, I was asked to fill in. I was mortified at first, then totally surprised when I wasn't booed and people actually got up and danced to my Yellow Bird, Lady of Spain, Please Release Me, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, etc.  

To make a long story longer ... years passed, I moved away and my playing stopped.  I purchased a small keyboard a few years ago to tinker with, but it wasn't the same so I sold it.  When my folks moved in with me two years ago they brought their organ.  Even when it arrived I didn't play, I just stared at it wondering if the brain cells that held the songs were still alive or long gone.  It wasn't until recently I garnered up the courage to hit the "on" button and set up the sound effects.  I started slow...Please Release Me...then, praise God, most of them came back (with a few missed notes here and there).  Not only did I enjoy gliding my fingers across those keys, it brought back some very special memories, especially of my mom....she played too.  

I decided I'm going to take breaks during the time set aside for writing (middle of the night) --- exchanging one keyboard for another. Who knows what inspiration awaits, right?  And not to worry, I won't disturb anyone....the organ has earphones!  Life is Good, God is Good!


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