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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Time of Healing

Rachel's Hope After-Abortion Healing Retreats recently expanded to a neighboring county.   Leslie (Director of Rachel's Hope-Escondido) and  I were honored to be asked to assist in the inaugural retreat this weekend. 

My thoughts today are of the courageous women who have taken their first step towards healing and of the retreat leader, Alicia ,who has selflessly taken on this mission of love. My thoughts too are of my mom, as she was so supportive of my involvement in this ministry. This will be my first retreat since her passing and again God's timing is perfect.  I can set aside my own grief, if only for a weekend, and focus on comforting others as they work through the emotional and spiritual pain that developed as a result of abortion.

As a co-leader, I will be sharing my journey of healing and redemption, but now I will share something new ...  something I realized the day my mother passed:  Waiting for her at the gates of Heaven were my babies.  

As I do whenever I have an epiphany, I wrote:

Please pray the women attending the retreat will be freed from their pain and feel the love, forgiveness and mercy of God.  




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