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My friend and mentor, Leslie Brunolli, and I were honored to be part of the newly released documentary, "The Sidewalk Chronicles".

From Visionary Film Productions website:  "The Sidewalk Chronicles" is a documentary film that will give a TRUE up close and personal account of what it is like to be associated with an unplanned pregnancy. From there, the story delves into the lives of numerous individuals who have answered the call to support and care for those affected. It is a true story of healing and hope.

The Sidewalk Chronicles includes candid interviews with women faced with an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent result after they decided to abort, keep the baby or place the baby for adoption.

The documentary also goes to the streets interviewing people at random about abortion and adoption with surprising results, and introduces people who are making a significant difference in the lives of women faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Nathan Leon (Director, Writer & Producer) and Meghan Hervert (Writer & Co-Producer) take on a sensitive and controversial subject with honesty and compassion.  You will not only hear about painful experiences from women who decided on abortion but witness the hope and joy of the women who decided to keep their baby as well as those who decided on adoption.

You can watch documentary HERE.

Nathan and Meghan setting up to film
in my living room.

Leslie being taped at her home.


  1. This film sounds amazing!

    1. It is! In fact, it will be shown on EWTN (don't know the date yet). It's an eye opener for sure! Thanks for reading my blog! Blessings!

  2. Patti, this sounds so awesome. It's much needed today. I will be looking for it! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have tweeted it out so hopefully it will reach at least one woman who needs to hear it's message of hope.

    1. Thanks DeEtte! The DVD is available on Nathan's site for purchase...I don't know when EWTN will be broadcasting yet.


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