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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Exercise in Serenity

I like to be in control and foolishly try to handle problems all by myself, and end up carrying them around like a stone necklace.  It's only when the necklace get too heavy that I humbly, albeit, reluctantly, take it to the Foot of the Cross. Although the weight is lifted and replaced with serenity, my ego gets in the way and I take it back ... Guess what?  The necklace is heavier the second time around. 

"Letting Go, and Letting God" is difficult for a control freak ...but using the following "Exercise in Serenity" has proven to be quite helpful:


*A box with a slot, lock and key.
*A pen.
*A piece of paper


*On the piece of paper, write down your problems.
*Fold the paper and drop it in the box.
*Throw away the key and
*Say this prayer:

Heavenly Father, with faith and trust I turn these problems over to you.  I believe You and only You hold the key to serenity.  Amen.

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