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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Great Adventure

The trip to New Orleans was wonderful!  My dad had not been "home" in fifty years and although things had changed considerably in his hometown of Marrero, he was able to recognize a few places.  The two most favorite things he loved on this adventure was visiting with his nephew (my cousin) Steve and his family who drove from Florida to meet us there, and sightseeing.  He had never been to the French Quarter or some of the other places when he was a young boy as he was too busy working on the family dairy.

What made our vacation a great success was not just being with family and making cherished memories but the downhome hospitality of the people of New Orleans.  I've never visited a city that was more welcoming.  People watching was a treat as was the cuisine!  (Cafe DuMonde was excellent.....Chicory Coffee and beignets!!!)

And guess what?  I didn't bring my laptop and I actually took a break from writing!!!!  Miracles do happen!

Thank you God for a memorable trip and for family!

Dad on a Riverboat Cruise
down the Mississippi River

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  1. Did you go to the AF museum? That's what Clyde wants to see.

    1. We didn't have time....but we will the next time!


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