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Silent No More Awareness is a Campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion. VISIT US HERE

With Astrid Bennett Guitierrez at
San Diego Walk for Life 1/15

Speaking with David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress
who exposed the atrocities at Planned Parenthood regarding the sale
of baby body parts.
With Georgette Forney and
Father Frank Pavone - 9/8/15 San Diego

Speaking at 20th Anniversary
of Rachel's Hope in
San Diego 2014
 Click to watch my testimony
West Coast Walk for Life 2014
Interview on Sacred Heart Radio -
West Coast Walk for Life 2014

With Rosemary Benefield,
Executive Director,
San Diego Walk
 for Life 2015
Leslie Brunolli and me
San Diego Walk for Life 2014

Click to hear my Testimony at
March for Life
Washington D.C. 2016
With Dr. Alveda King at a pro-life


My husband and I with Archbishop Gomez
after the L.A. Walk for Life

Giving Testimony at West Coast
Walk for Life 1/13
with Jennifer O'Neill and
 Georgette Forney

  By Janet Morana and Georgette Forney
In 2015, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign will embark on a nationwide project called Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion.   

When most people think of abortion, it is often as a contentious social or political issue or a closely guarded secret best left alone.  We may struggle with the moral dilemma, but we tend to think of abortion as a private, personal decision. It’s none of our business, right?
But in reality, many of us have been impacted by the premeditated death of an unborn child.

You may be the mother or father who was part of an abortion decision, or felt powerless to stop it. You may be a grandparent who tried to prevent the death of your grandchild, or you were active in pushing your son or daughter toward abortion.  You may have lost a sibling to abortion. Perhaps you are an ultrasound technician who reveals the child in the womb to a pregnant mother, hoping she will choose life, but she decides to abort instead.

Some of you may have been active accessories in a child’s death, like those who drove a sister or paid for a friend’s procedure, or those who said nothing to friends they knew were considering abortion.  Even health-care professionals, counselors, teachers or ministers who were in some direct way part of an abortion decision or procedure experience the aftershocks, which can lead to depression and anxiety, anger issues, addictions and relationship difficulties.

What we are hoping with our shockwaves project is that, as people gain greater clarity and understanding, they will see the blessing of reconciliation and healing for themselves and their loved ones.   The gentle but powerful waves of forgiveness and healing are stronger than the destructive shockwaves of abortion. 

Every month, we will focus on a group that has been directly impacted by abortion loss, and offer information, resources, and most importantly, abortion-recovery programs.

January: Healing through the Church" 
February:Healing the Black Family"
March:  "Grandparents" 
April:  "Siblings"
May:  "Mothers"
June:  "Fathers"
July:  "Survivors and Friends"
August:  "Abortion Providers"
September:  "Families"
October:  "Hispanic Families"
November:  "Pro-Lifers"
December:  We honor our motivating and life-giving force, Jesus Christ, without whom there can be no healing.

To find out more and to access our monthly resources, visit


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