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Thursday, August 24, 2017

And God Still Loves Me - What They are Saying

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This is what a few people have said:

Wow, intense, intimate and inspiring. Wow, from the bar scene to the foot of the cross!!!!  Everyone who has ever been hurt must read your book!!!!!!!!!!! What a great read....thank you!

Pastor Angelo Frazier
Riverlakes Community Church
Bakersfield, CA 

This book shares the incredible journey of hope while walking through the valley of despair. Patti's story gives an individual a source of encouragement and hope when all seems dark. A must read for those who struggle with a difficult past and wonder if they can ever be forgiven or forgive them self. I could not put it down!!!

This book is a must read for anyone who has dealt with the traumas of rape, abortion, or difficult family relationships. I love Patti's candid demeanor, while yet always pointing to the Cross for her healing and redemption! I couldn't put it down!!!

Patti Smith shares with clarity about the lifestyle that she has recovered from through the power of faith in God and Jesus Christ. She wasn't guilty of every sin that was ever imagined, but enough to make a lot of misery for herself and for those in her path. The stories of each step toward the depths and those steps upward that brought Patti to the place of Glory and Love where she walks today. Patti doesn't hide her past, but she doesn't write to shock readers. There's no profanity or salacious tales. Patti takes responsibility for her choices and tells clearly how she has received mercy and forgiveness with healing of body and soul. The mercy and love of God are the foundation of her story for without that she would be just another selfish, willful woman choosing dangerous behaviors.