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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where is the coverage? Where is the outrage? Where is the truth?

The following is a commentary I submitted to the local newspaper as a call to action.  I seriously doubt it will be printed as the liberal media is doing its best to downplay and justify the atrocities at Planned Parenthood.  Feel free to share.

The release of undercover videos shows not only the haggling for body parts of aborted babies but the true barbarity and callousness of its employees.  We as a nation should be outraged, sickened and demanding action against the number one provider of abortions. 
The pro-choice politicians are lying when they say defunding (I would prefer closing) Planned Parenthood would hurt women and take away much-needed health services.  That is NOT true.  There are more than 9,000 Community Health Centers that provide the same, if not, more compassionate service than Planned Parenthood in comparison to their 700.  In fact, Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide mammograms.  They refer them out.  The only difference between Community Health Centers and Planned Parenthood is that Community Health Centers do not provide abortions. 

The truth be told, Planned Parenthood does hurt women and the videos are opening the eyes of post-abortive women about what happened to their babies.  Yes, I said BABIES.  Not tissue, not a clump of cells, not fetal cadavers or all the other terms used to dehumanize.  BABIES.  Even staff at PP during the recorded videos were heard saying,  “babies,” “twins,” “it’s a boy.” If everyone out there watched these videos, they would see the arms, legs, feet, hands and faces of these precious children.

I know first-hand the anger, pain and despair experienced by post-abortive women, the fathers, etc. after viewing the videos. I am post-abortive and I was mortified.  Women have been betrayed.  Betrayed by an organization that makes millions using dehumanizing phrases, not advising there could be emotional and psychological side effects (addiction, depression, self-harm, etc.) … then making more money selling parts of an aborted child. Betrayed by an organization that could suggest other alternatives such as adoption or a pregnancy resource center instead of telling women “It’s not a baby,” to get them to abort, then say, “In a few days you’ll be back to normal.” There is no normal after an abortion.  There might be relief at first, but there will be grief, remorse, shame, and self-hatred.  Some may say they don’t feel bad about their abortion and my response to them is that denial is very common, I lived in it for years, but eventually the feelings surface and the results can be devastating. 

Please do not turn a blind eye to these videos.  They are graphic, I agree, but necessary to uncover the truth.  Most importantly, do not hide your pain, despair, revulsion or rage.  Use it to stop Planned Parenthood’s barbarity by demanding the press provide full coverage of what is going on…not candy coating it or using other stories like the death of an animal (sad as it is) to ignore the truth.  Use it by voting out politicians that receive contributions from Planned Parenthood.  Use it to stop the desentization of today’s culture of death.  
And I will close with this beautiful prayer written by Father Frank Pavone:

     Father, you have created us in body and soul
To honor you and our neighbor
And to receive honor and respect in return.
Our bodies are sacred.
They reflect you, our Creator.
And we hold sacred
The bodies of all the children in the womb.
Lord, we are saddened
That these children are being killed,
And saddened again
That their body parts are being harvested and sold.
Have mercy on our nation.
Have mercy on those who are perpetrating these evils.
As more and more people become aware of this,
Turn their hearts towards you,
The Fountain of life and love.
Give consolation to all who have had abortions,
And give wisdom to our public officials
That they may respond adequately
To the corruption found in the abortion industry.
Grant that we,
The People of Life and the People of Mercy,
May recommit ourselves to building a nation
Without abortion and without the many evils that flow from us.
May we choose life;
May we choose mercy;
May we choose your Kingdom!
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
--Rev. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life


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