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Friday, July 24, 2015

There is Hope

This past week I was honored to be a guest on “Setting Things Right” on Immaculate Heart Radio to discuss the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s barbaric practice of selling body parts of aborted babies.  One issue discussed was whether we should even be talking about the videos as they might be re-victimizing those who have had or participated in an abortion. 
Granted, the content of the videos is deplorable.  I am sure, based on my own reactions, they are re-traumatizing those who have attended post-abortion healing and bringing stuffed emotions to the surface from those who have not.  However, the purpose is life-saving.  Exposing Planned Parenthood for who and what they are is necessary to end the barbarity once and for all, and it will also guide those now struggling with the pain, remorse and regret towards healing and hope.

Along with the Planned Parenthood discussion, there were two other guests on the show: Incredibly courageous angels of mercy - Jacqueline Isaac and Dr. Yvette Isaac of Roads of Success.
Their non-profit organization empowers girls and women in the Middle East who have suffered the barbaric actions of ISIS (enslavement, torture and rape).  It also deals with other human rights controversies including female genital mutilation, child marriage, women’s rights, spousal abuse, discrimination, lack of higher education and health issues, such as eating disorders, hunger and malnutrition, sanitation, disabilities, childbirth, child rearing, sex slavery and disease such as HIV/AIDS. 

God entrusted them with this mission of hope and they could definitely use help reaching out to those in need.  Click HERE for information on their organization and how you can help. 

With Kent Peters, Jacqueline Issac and Dr. Yvette Issac at
the St. Francis de Salles studio.

Listen to the broadcast HERE

Thank you Kent Peters - Director,  Linda Arreola - Asst. Director, Deacon Jim Walsh and Maria Valencia - Administrative Asst.  of the Office of Social Ministry and Immaculate Heart Radio's "Setting Things Right" for bringing truth, hope, and the love of God to so many. 

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