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Saturday, March 7, 2015


There are many benefits to writing.  One can temporarily escape from reality and avoid the stresses of everyday life or emotionally explode without being institutionalized.  It goes without saying what one could do with someone that angers them. 

ALERT!  My train of thought derailed after that paragraph, plunging my mind into a deep, contemplative mode (yikes!).  Come on ... take the plunge with me.

It would bring my mental state into question, but with all verbal communication I would like to try writing what I want to say before actually saying it. Granted it would take a little more time to have a conversation, but the concept is compelling.  Sound silly?  Well, considering the numerous times I've said something I wanted to take back, it could prove to be a reasonable alternative. My words would not be impulsive, but carefully considered.  I would have the opportunity to revise and most importantly erase anything that might be misunderstood, confusing, inappropriate or hurtful ... Just Sayin'.

By-the-way just encountered the ramblings of a sleep-deprived author.



  1. Hi Patti -

    Sorry you're sleep deprived, but the post is compelling. Even with the written word, it's important to step back before hitting that, "post/send," button. The written word that's published can't be taken back either.

    Susan :)


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