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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Au Revoir

For the past few months,  a hyperactive brain shot words down my arms to waiting fingers.  Smoke and flames erupted from the keyboard as each letter reached the screen.  My family knew if they heard tapping to steer clear, walk softly, speak in whispered tones and keep a fire extinguisher handy.  Of course, most of the time the inferno and tapping went unnoticed even by my two dogs and parrot ... all doing what is normal at 2 a.m. -- sleeping.

After finishing Series III, Volume IV of  The San Francisco Wedding Planner - Drama, Decisions, and Departures, I transitioned to my other work in progress.  Last week I submitted the fourth and FINAL volume of Grave Obsessions - Unholy Vengeance.  (Wanna sneak peek?  Click here.)
It hurt saying, "Au Revoir," to my characters.  They were my best friends, confidantes and coaches in the middle of countless nights.  Offsetting grief and loneliness, however, was the realization I can now rest and return to a normal sleeping pattern for a while. 

Yeah, right.  All attempts at staying in bed are futile.  The mind nudges a hunched over body towards the living room, inching closer to a beckoning laptop tucked securely under the end table.  For a few minutes, I resist the temptation. Turning on the television, I search out a movie for distraction.  Unfortunately, because HBO knows normal people are snoring at that hour, they schedule movies hovering well below the "B" rating, in fact,  below "Z" would be more like it. I surrender and lean over the arm of the sofa, pulling my nighttime companion onto my lap. 

Stay tuned for previews on my next project (yawn).    

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