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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Bad Call

You are all waiting for me to whine about the Super Bowl results, aren't you?  Well, contrary to expectations, I'm not going to.  Granted, it was a devastating loss (and yes, I shed tears), but after some thought I realized it was an excellent lesson in "letting go".

After that incredible reception in the closing minutes, I just knew the Beast Mode would take over and punch through the end zone, giving the Seahawks back-to-back victories.  I watched the next play set up and when Russell Wilson stepped back and passed I about fainted.  Pass?  PASS?  Then came the heartbreaking interception and subsequent loss.

What I did for the next few hours was something I have tried desperately to avoid in my faith journey.  My mind replayed the unfortunate call over, and over again and contemplated a million "what ifs" to the point of exhaustion thus leading me into deep despair.

We all make mistakes, or bad calls, as it were, but wallowing in them serves no purpose whatever.  In fact, we leave ourselves open to Satan's grasp.  He loves to haunt us with questionable decisions ... sending us into the abyss of shame and remorse. His destructive mission is to have us all defined by our mistakes. 

The answer is turning it all over to God. He converts bad calls into lessons learned ... basked in the light of forgiveness.  Through Him, we are defined not by our mistakes but His infinite grace and mercy. 

And for my Seahawks ... Thank you for a great season! 

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