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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Who Won?

Oh, the perils of writing!

I've been feverishly working on a volume of The San Francisco Wedding Planner and decided to take a break and switch over to Volume IV of Grave Obsessions- Unholy Vengeance.  Sometimes a little murder breaks the monotony....right?

My main character, Detective Dallas Keegan, is being taunted by her nemesis, Adan Fredricks.  He is viciously attacking college co-eds, leaving an ominous message with each body on his path of retribution.

It was in the middle of a nocturnal writing session, around 2 a.m.  Words flowed like a flash flood until I reached a "literary combat zone".  I decided to add a little romance amidst the carnage by introducing a love interest for Dallas' partner, Twyla.  He was THE Rhett Butler of the FBI (for you youngsters ... a real hunk), and the storyline flowed beautifully for a while.  I wrote about a romantic dinner, and suddenly my finger hit the backspace button...I changed it to a lunch date and again, the backspace key activated.  What about a long, middle of the night phone call?  Nope - that didn't even make it to the page.  Dallas evidently wanted Rhett to herself and this was her subtle way of informing me.

We reached an impasse.  My hands hovered over the keyboard.  Was I going to give in or try to ignore her attempts to thwart my genius by removing the backspace and delete buttons? 

Must be time to go back to The San Francisco Wedding Planner.

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