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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Night Before Christmas - For Authors

It's the night before Christmas, with laptop in tow
I sneak to the window to watch falling snow.
The calm, peaceful scene should inspire me to write
a couple of chapters before I call it a night.
The ticking I hear from the grandfather clock
is a deadline reminder which brings writer's block.
The words are all floating around in my brain,
and I can't seem to catch them, I'm going insane!
The screen of my laptop continues to shine,
it may as well light up a “vacancy” sign.
Maybe spiked coffee would help in my plight
as my keyboard is waiting for fingers to light.
Sipping my beverage, enjoying the view,
should help in releasing at least one word...or two.
The tick-tock continues, I sigh in defeat,
but because of a noise, I slow my retreat.
Then all of a sudden a vision appears,
if it isn't a sleigh pulled by eight cute reindeer!
Here comes Santa himself, now I know I'm insane,
I have to be dreaming, or the coffee's to blame.
With a strong jolly voice he starts to speak,
assuring me things aren't really that bleak.
He says, "No need to panic, the words will come soon,
if your focus is changed from the deadline that looms.
Look through that window, embrace what you see,
take it all in, from that block you'll be freed".
He gives me a wink as he fades out of sight, and
says, “Merry Christmas, now sit down and write!”


  1. lol! Truly love this! Sue Starlight shared this on her facebook page. Glad I clicked on it. :-) Merry Christmas to you! Hope you get past that writer's block. ;-)

    1. So happy it's "shareable"! Merry Christmas to you too!!!


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