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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Supreme Court - Got it Wrong (Again)

The recent Supreme Court decision, Woman’s Whole Health v. Hellerstedt, struck down Texas’ ruling that would have protected women’s health at abortion facilities. 
The court agreed with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers that Texas law would limit access to abortion.  They argue "access" but let's get real ... they just don’t want to lower their profit margins.  Once again the almighty dollar is considered more important than life.  Not only can Planned Parenthood sell baby body parts, but also operate facilities without adhering to the same health codes as outpatient facilities and abortionists won't have to deal with their "mistakes".

When will people lift the blindfold and see the truth?  Yes, I am against abortion. I experienced the devastating after-effects.  BUT until Roe v Wade is overturned, there should be laws to protect the health and well-being of women seeking those services – to assure the procedure is safe and that the abortionist has hospital admitting privileges in emergencies. 
The pro-choice community should be appalled at the Supreme Court’s decision …. after all, aren’t they the ones claiming to be the protectors of women’s rights?  Hmmmmm.

This is far from over, and I for one will never give up fighting for life…The life of the child and of the mother. 
By the way .......
Planned Parenthood’s most popular
slogan needs to be changed:

Friday, June 17, 2016

Remembering Dad - A Father's Day Tribute


     My dad passed away on 2/24/16 so this is the first Father's Day without him.  I'm still shocked at his unexpected passing, but it is comforting to know he is once again with my mom, the love of his life. 
     To say I was been blessed with a wonderful dad would be an understatement and it would take up at least a year of blog posts to adequately convey my love for him.  With that in mind, I'll share a mere two or three precious and memorable moments:
     Some family friends had a go-cart and one day we all went to a large, empty parking lot. Dad was quite worried when I got behind the wheel because I was only nine or ten at the time.  He made the unfortunate decision of monitoring my motoring skills by walking in front of me. Lowering my helmeted head and envisioning a bulls-eye, I floored it...chasing him all over the parking lot.  (Evil child, evil child). I'm sure a YouTube video of that event would have accumulated a gazillion hits!
     When I was twenty-three, I was involved in a freak accident at a baseball game. The bat slipped out of the batter's hand and flew into the stands, landing on my forehead. (I ended up with a concussion, four skull fractures and twenty-eight stitches). Being the consummate comedian,  he would tell me my black eyes reminded him of the Tareyton cigarette commercial, “I'd rather fight than switch," I made an attractive raccoon, and my favorite … I looked like a boxer that went one too many rounds.

     This last memory affects me to this day....

     My dad loved Honky Tonk music, in fact, he passed while listening to one of his favorite CD's.  As a child, I remember him down in the basement, playing Big Tiny Little, Knuckles O'Toole and Eddie Barns, just to name a few.  On Saturday mornings, however, that music was a “call for duty”.  My sister and I knew the minute the music started it was time to “Police up the Area” (clean the house). To this day, whenever I hear that music I have a sudden urge to pick up a dust rag, in fact, I do. A while back, I came up with the bright idea to download his favorites albums to a CD since he didn't have a turntable anymore. (Not too bright, Patti). He and my mom moved in with us a couple of years ago and he played that darned thing all the dust in this house!!!!!

     Dad, you and I went through a lot in my sixty+ years, but what warms my heart and humbles me the most was your unconditional love.  The period in my life when I fell as far as anyone could, the days when I caused you unrelenting embarrassment and heartache, your hand was always there to pick me up and your arms were there to hug me.

I Love and Miss You So Very Much...