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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

For My Son - On His Birthday - With Love

This story was written by my son when he was in sixth grade, the story of his life up to that point:


(A True Story)
Bobby Cleghorn – Grade 6

Up until I was 7 years old I remember that I lived in a truck, under a roller coaster and in motel rooms.  When I was 7 my Mom left my sister Bonnie and I in a motel room to go bail my dad out of jail.  She never came back.  The principal of my school found out that we were left alone and called the police.  We were taken to a shelter home.  We lived there for about a year. Then we went to a foster home with Debi as a foster mom.  We stayed there for a year, then Debi and my sister moved to Connecticut.  I was taken to a group home.  I was there for about a year till Debi moved back and I went to live with her and my sister again.  When I moved back in we both went to a new school.  It was a small school.  My teacher was really great.  In the middle of the year the secretary started taking me to her house on weekends.  I also spent Spring Break with her and Don.  It was a “test-drive” to see if I would like living in Aguanga with them, but I didn't know it.

One day, Debi took Bonnie and me out for ice cream.  She wanted to tell us that there were people who wanted to adopt us. Bonnie's teacher in Connecticut wanted her and I guessed many names until Debi said Patti and Don wanted to adopt me.  I was really happy about that!

We had to go to court and the judge said that Bonnie could move to Connecticut and I could move in with Patti and Don.  I lived them about a year and we went to court again.  The judge said the adoption was final and I was Patti and Don's son forever.  After court that day, my “Mom and Dad” had a surprise adoption party for me at Stadium Pizza.  All the people from my school were there and so were my grandparents and my social worker.  I was really surprised!  I got really nice gifts and had a fun time.

I talk to my sister on the phone almost every week and we see each other in the summers.  We share stories of our new families. I am now in the sixth grade and still go to the same school.  My new teacher is great!

Bobby Cleghorn

Grade 6


The years that followed were an adventure!  As with all families there were good times and bad but the love never faded.  His dad (my ex-husband) passed away a few years ago.  Don was proud of what his son had overcome and accomplished - and words cannot adequately describe the love I had for that precious little boy that captured my heart so many years ago and the love and pride I have for the man and father he has become.