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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Recently, after voicing my presidential preference, I was asked, “Are you a racist or ignorant?”  Although stunned, I answered politely and explained my rationale and said we would just need to agree to disagree.  I tried to laugh it off, and went on with what I was doing, but as hours passed, I began to get angry.  How could that person, who has known me for a while, blurt out something so hateful? 

 Since when:

Is it racist wanting to protect our citizens by suspending the influx of refugees until a secure vetting process is established?   I have compassion for those in need of safe harbor, but we need to be prudent.  We’ve seen the horrors of terrorism, and unfortunately are vulnerable to more attacks.

Is it racist to secure our borders and require foreigners wishing to enter the United States, in the hopes of a better life, to do so legally?  Giving illegal immigrants, from any country, a “free pass” is a slap in the face on those who follow the law.  Additionally, those wishing entrance, as with the refugees, need to be properly vetted.

Is it racist to ask for proper identification to vote?  We all are required to provide identification to fly, open a checking account, get and use credit cards, attend political conventions (!), the list goes on and on.  Identification is a means to avoid voter fraud thus maintaining the integrity of the election process.

As far as the "ignorant" comment ... well, let's not even go there.   

I have carefully considered both parties’ platforms and am following my conscience, faith, and values. I voice my opinion and debate the issues.  In doing so, I try to be respectful towards those whose opinions are contrary to mine, and I expect the same in return. (I do, however, enjoy posting few comedic Facebook memes from time to time to lighten the mood.)

Regardless what side of the aisle you are on: 

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