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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Love and Kindness

It’s been almost two months since my father passed and two years for my mother.  Neither one wanted a funeral, but my husband and I wanted to do something to commemorate their lives as well as give us and other family and friends grieving their loss some closure.

My cousin Steve suggested we have a military honors service for my dad who had retired from the Air Force after twenty years.  It was then my husband and I decided to have a celebration of life for both mom and dad afterwards.  We didn’t have a clue how to proceed, but worries were set aside once we announced our intentions.  We were inundated with suggestions and offers of help, from providing food to photography. 

The military honors ceremony was only available on weekdays which also caused some concern.  We went ahead and scheduled it anyway along with reserving a private room at a restaurant for a catered lunch for the celebration of life.   Invitations were sent out and those not living in the general vicinity were told it was understandable if they could not attend.    It warmed our hearts that family and friends living nearby as well as those from Washington, Oregon, Florida and Nevada planned on coming to the mid-week event and those who couldn’t said they would be there in spirit and say a special prayer that day.   

Love and kindness are beacons of light in the darkness of grief.
~ pjs

Thanks to my dear friend Susan who helped
create the picture board and set-up for my parent's
celebration of life. 

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