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Not Judged, Not Lectured ~ Just Healed

* Does your choice of abortion haunt you?
*Do you suffer from depression?
*Have you learned to live hiding the "secret" and even
felt overwhelmed by it?
*Have relationships with spouse, friends, family and God been affected?
*Have you become a person you no longer recognize due to fear, pain and guilt?

Rachel’s Hope – North County conducts after-abortion healing retreats which offer help, healing and hope to women who have been involved in the abortion of their child.  We reach out to those whose lives are directly impacted by shame, guilt, grief and loss. This ministry offers assistance to anyone who has lost hope that they can do something to reverse the downward spiral of depression, sadness, self-hatred, etc. 

Healing Programs in Development:
*Loss Through Miscarriage
*Loss Through Adoption
*Grief Recovery

Also Coming Soon:
*Women's Bible Study
*Follow-up Retreats

If you need help, use the contact form on the sidebar.
All communication is held in the strictest confidence.

Program dates, times and locations
will be posted once scheduled.

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