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Monday, September 12, 2016

A Basket of Deplorables?

Well, it’s time to get on the soapbox again.  I was going to let Hillary’s latest "deplorable" statement go, but I could not in good conscience do that.

I happen to be one of those in that basket and very proud to be in such good company.  This is what it takes to be in the deplorable basket – not in any specific order:

  1. Value life at all stages, from womb to natural death.
  2. Stand up for traditional values.
  3. Be proud of our faith and not afraid or ashamed to share it.
  4. Put the security of our nation and its citizens first by:
    A.  Heartily welcoming legal immigrants, once they are adequately vetted.
    B.  Heartily welcoming refugees, once they are adequately vetted.
    C.  Protect our borders from illegal immigration.
  5. Help those in need by giving them a hand up, rather than a hand-out.
  6. Protect the integrity of the voting process by requiring identification.
  7. Respect our veterans and provide them quality health care and other assistance.
  8. Respect our country’s law enforcement and expect officers who use undue force be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. Not use what happened many years ago as an excuse for current behavior.
  10. Respect our country’s laws, and if violated, expect to be prosecuted.
  11. Respect everyone’s right to their own opinions and not demean those who do not agree with us by name calling (i.e., racist, homophobic, etc.)
  12. Demand those in or running for office to follow all the laws applying to every citizen and assure they be prosecuted if said laws are broken.
  13. Be an advocate for unity, rather than one that advocates division of classes, race, culture, etc.
  14. Support religious freedom at all costs.
  15. Accept responsibility for our own actions.
  16. Respect our country, our flag and our national anthem. 
  17. Defend our right to bear arms.
  18. Treat everyone with respect, even if we don’t agree with their beliefs, lifestyles, etc.
Thanks to Hillary, the definition of basket
case has a new meaning - and I'm proud to be one!


  1. I am also a deplorable. Some very great people are and were deplorables. Proud to be a deplorable. :)


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