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Monday, March 7, 2016

Making Peace: A Lost Opportunity

It has been almost two weeks since my dad’s passing.  I have written about an estranged family member in prior posts and the need to avoid the toxicity of that relationship.  Upon my father’s illness, I felt it was important to reestablish contact – to allow that person to make peace with him.  Sadly, my pleas were ignored due to an unwillingness to set aside pride for the sake of another thus pouring salt on the open wound of grief.

It may be difficult to forgive, but through God’s grace, not impossible.  I know if I carry anger or hatred in my heart, I will not only be just as at fault, but also deny myself the joy of celebrating the love and life of my dad.   

In order to heal, I need to close the door of reconciliation ... for now.  The love is still there and my heart breaks knowing a loved one will be facing unbearable guilt and regret for passing on the opportunity to make peace.  I pray someday that heart softens and becomes willing to accept forgiveness and that all suffering will cease through God’s mercy and compassion.    

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