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Saturday, March 12, 2016


My mind has been going at break-neck speed of late (more than usual) and it's driving me nuts.  I've been attempting to work through a myriad of issues by having chats with God ... bouncing my thoughts towards Heaven, then trying to remain silent to hear His answer.  No dice.  

It's time like this I get discouraged and yes, angry, that He is either ignoring me or worse....laughing (He does have a sense of humor - I'm living proof).  Last night it hit me.  Not only is my mind full of stuff I already turned over to Him and took back, but new stuff is squeezing in. No wonder I'm a mess!  

It's time to get out pencil and paper, write everything down, put the paper in a frying pan and light a match ... an exercise that reminds me once I turn something over to God, it's out of my hands forever ... He's in control.

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