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Monday, February 1, 2016

"Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night . . ." Part VI - Our Storm was Bigger than Jonas

The theme for the March was “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman Go Hand-in-Hand”.  Contrary to the pro-abort rhetoric, abortion does not empower women at all.  To quote a blog post I wrote a few months ago, “To be empowered, a woman needs to be comfortable in her own skin; confident and at peace. Once a woman has an abortion, empowerment slowly slips away, leaving nothing but a gaping wound in her soul, back-filled with pain, self-hatred, guilt, shame and remorse.” 

The taxi pulled up to the front of the Supreme Court Building.  There was a large group of people standing around the area where Silent No More would offer their testimonies at the end of the March.  A priest led a prayer vigil while a group of approximately 50 pro-choice advocates carried signs such as “Abortion on Demand Without Apology” and “Stand With Planned Parenthood”.   Many were clad in white pants stained with red dye while others tried to drown out the prayers by spewing the typical accusations, via megaphone, that pro-lifers hate women, don’t care if women die, want to go back to the back-alley coat hanger abortions, etc. What struck me was the contrast.  On one side was a peaceful, loving, prayerful group and on the other an aggressive one consumed with hatred and anger, hell bent on overpowering our words of faith and hope.

Sharon and
her sign.
After the vigil, Sharon and I were standing near the podium (guarding it).  I carried an “I Regret My Abortion” sign and Sharon carried “I am a Pro-Life Feminist.” One of the pro-choice members eyed the signs and approached us.  We didn’t want an altercation and both held our breath, waiting for a verbal attack.  Surprisingly, the woman was quite calm.  She handed us a sheet of paper and asked we not be judgmental.  I nodded and Sharon told her it was not up to us to judge anyone.  The woman told us to keep an open mind when reading what the paper said as it explains how God is not against abortion.  We accepted the document, folded it and put it away – an indication we would not be reading or debating it at that moment.  She started to speak again about how abortion is a right, etc., and for us to hear her out without being judgmental. (That really seemed to be a huge concern for herSharon smiled and said, “Like I said before, we are not here to judge and I want you to know I love you.”  The woman looked puzzled and said, “How can you love me, you don’t even know me.”  I turned to her and said, “And God loves you.” She backed away with no response.  She carried a sign with a verse from the Bible:   Genesis 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.”  In other words, a baby isn’t a baby until it takes a breath. Pretty far reaching, desperate and sad that pro-aborts think that God's creation of Adam proves a baby is not a person until it is born.  
The snow was getting heavier and Marchers gathered for the closing rally. The pro-choicers were still trying (unsuccessfully) in their attempt to drown out the Silent No More testimonies, but as the weather worsened they left.  The Marchers remained and the Silent No More testimonies continued. 

Just as light dispels the darkness, truth withstands the storm.   
(Side Note:  While preparing this post, I could not find the document the  pro-choice woman gave us.  I called Sharon and surprisingly, she too had tried to locate it to no avail.  We were both convinced God didn't want us to see His words twisted, of which Satan is so adept.)   
Janet Morana (Co-founder of Silent No More and
Executive Director of Priests for Life)
 speaking to the crowd prior to the

 With some of my Silent No More Sisters,
prior to giving testimonies.
Pictured: Me, Laura Brown, Kelly Lang,
Leslie Blackwell, Mary Kominsky,  Jacquie Stalnaker 
So proud of and inspired by all who spoke.

Giving my testimony alongside
Georgette Forney (Co-founder of Silent
No More and President of
Anglicans for Life)

Stay tuned:  Final Chapter ~ Wrapping it Up

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