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Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night . . ." Part V - Get Us to the March on Time

March Day had arrived.  Sharon and I didn’t need to set the alarm, we were jarred from sleep by the sound of drilling and hammering.  For some reason, construction workers doing the HOTel renovations scheduled an early start.  (Trip Advisor will have to dedicate several pages to my growing list of comments.)  We were so glad it was our last morning at the HOTel from hell. After the March we would be traveling to the comfort of her and her husband's (Jeff) home in Virginia.

We donned layers of clothing, readied our gloves, headgear, boots and signs.  I voiced my disdain upon check-out but did so in a manner that would save me from discussing it in the confessional.  Keep in mind, I hadn't had my coffee yet ... quite an accomplishment.
Inside Union Station
In preparation for the impending storm, streets were already being blocked from parking.  The closest we could get to the Supreme Court was Union Station, a half-mile away.  Although the rally and March started on the grounds of the Washington Monument, Sharon and I both have hip and leg issues.  Instead of marching the estimated two hours, we volunteered to help others secure the area reserved at the Supreme Court for the post-march rally and Silent No More testimonies.  In previous years, pro-choice activists attempted to take over the space and remove signs, equipment, etc.

We were way ahead of schedule which allowed us to check out the eateries at Union Station for breakfast and of course, coffee.  The station was beautiful and buzzing with activity.  We were pleased to see an abundance of others carrying pro-life signs.  After a leisurely meal, we browsed the shops for a while then proceeded to the taxi stand, agreeing to take a cab to and from the Supreme Court in order to save our energy and stay warm as long as possible. 

During the budgeting process for the trip I had factored in taxi fares.  What I didn’t factor in was that because of the storm, a $15.00 each way emergency surcharge was in effect.   The calculator in my head churned out an estimated $55  for a one-mile round trip ride .... with tip.  Once again I avoided a trip to the confessional by biting my tongue.  But you know what?  In all honesty, $55 was a small price to pay, knowing we would arrive ready, willing and able to do our part for LIFE.

Stay tuned for the MAIN EVENT.
I warn you in advance …
That post will be lengthy … but well worth the read

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