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Friday, January 29, 2016

"Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night ..." Part III - And So It Begins

Thankfully sleep didn’t escape me, but waking up with NO COFFEE at the ready was excruciating.  I settled for a warm Coke ordered with the prior night’s pizza, praying the caffeine would, at least, be enough to kick start the day. 
Sadly, I must have forgotten to hit the “save” button on my Ipad alarm and slept through the morning vigil at the D.C. Planned Parenthood.   I had so wanted to stand alongside Father Frank Pavone and others dedicated to exposing the barbaric and inhumane practices of this heinous organization. 
I rolled myself out of bed and showered, praying there would be hot water and that water would be able to rinse away the disappointment of missing the vigil.  Some good news …   the hotel room did have a blow dryer.  I was thinking maybe things were looking up. 
Deciding what to wear was next on the agenda….over-packing might have prevented me from running out of something, but again, it also gave me too many options (am I ever satisfied???).   I settled on something warm (duh) and ventured down to the lobby.  Still upset about the restaurant not operating as advertised, I thought a fitting penalty would to not bless them with my presence.  Fortunately, there was a McDonald’s across the street … My favorite fast food breakfast (Bacon McGriddle) beckoned along with a strong cup of COFFEE!  Once I took a sip of that sweet nectar, I knew the world would be safe from my wrath for one more day. 
A few hours later, I saw my “sis” Sharon through the hotel room window drive by.  Tears welled in my eyes – it had been too long since our last visit.  During a long overdue hug and an apology for the substandard accommodations, we were off to the March for Life Expo and Silent No More get-together.
Upon entering the official event hotel, I mentally gave myself a “Gibbs Slap” for being so frugal … resulting in banishment to a tent when for $30 more per night I could have had the Taj Mahal.

The Expo was incredible.  A huge hall bearing rows and rows of exhibitor booths.  Neither of us had seen so many pro-life groups represented in one place before.  We were like kids in a candy shop … chatting it up with vendors, gathering books, brochures, and DVDs.  (Heck, I even freed a few moths from my wallet and splurged on a beautiful rosary.)  The mood of attendees can be best described as electric … sparked by the love for our pre-born and mission to protect them. 

Silent No More Friends at the Expo
 Mary Kominski,  Leslie Blackwell, Jacqui Stalnaker, 
Yohanka Reyes, Mary Eisman
Silent No More, Priests for Life and Rachel's Vineyard Booth

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