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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night . . ." Part One

The March for Life in Washington, D.C. is the largest pro-life rally held on or around the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing abortion in the case Roe v Wade.  After getting involved with Silent No More, I dreamed of joining my fellow SNM sisters and brothers at the event, along with thousands of others speaking out for the sanctity of life.

2016 was the year my dream came true.  Not only would I be attending, but I would also be giving my testimony … frosting on the cake.  After months of planning, I was ready to go. 

A Story Within the Story

Before leaving the comforts of home, I had a decision to make.  I had designed a jacket with an “I Regret My Abortion” applique. With the current political climate, I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get if I wore it through the airport and on the plane.  The Holy Spirit made it clear to me.  “Wear it with pride.  Sharing your regret is one of the reasons you’re going to D.C. to begin with.” 

Throughout the trip (to and from) I got frowns, a few smiles but mostly raised eyebrows.  While standing in line to check my baggage on the way to D.C., the girl in front of me turned around, saw the applique and asked what it meant.  I gave her a brief introduction to Silent No More and told her where I was headed. She said, “You know, I had an abortion years ago and I still wonder what I would have had, what he/she would have looked like.”  The look on her face said it all.  I asked her if she had ever attended healing and she didn’t know such a program existed.  Needless to say, I referred her to the Silent No More website for resources in her area (she was visiting San Diego and heading home). Had I not had my jacket on, she may have continued to struggle. 


The flight to Washington was a breeze.  I was blessed to have empty seats next to me on the long flight which allowed me to stretch out, watch continuing episodes of NCIS and munch on over-priced snacks. 

I landed at Dulles International Airport, gathered my bulging baggage and located the Super Shuttle kiosk.  As I walked to the assigned van that would promptly deliver me to the hotel, the white stuff was coming down - but just in spurts.  Being from San Diego, I was delighted.  After greeting my driver (I’ll call him Joe) and two other passengers, we were on our way.  Surprisingly, the traffic was not that bad when we merged on the freeway, being rush-hour and all … then about five minutes into the drive the white spurts turned into a continuous shower and traffic slowed to a crawl, vehicles began sliding across lanes and Joe muttered, “This isn’t good.” At that point, I began to wonder if my dream was going to end up a nightmare.  Fortunately, Joe was more concerned about our safety than making a timely delivery and took his time.  We experienced several near misses as cars, trucks and busses spun around the now-covered interstate – my guardian angel was working overtime. 

The first passenger was dropped off at his destination three hours into the normally twenty-minute drive.  We weren’t even in D.C. yet.  I made the mistake of bringing up politics and unfortunately, Joe was quite liberal-minded.  Some interesting dialog commenced for about forty-five minutes, and it started getting a little “heated”.  I knew if it continued, Joe might lose focus on the road. A rather genius idea (if I say so myself) to squelch the discussion popped into my head. I pulled out my portable DVD player and asked the remaining passenger if she would like to watch a movie to pass the time.  She smiled and said, “It would probably be a great distraction.”  Joe said it would be okay as long as we kept the volume down.  I popped in “Gravity”, even though a disaster movie like “The Day After Tomorrow” or “Avalanche” would have been more appropriate.

By the time Sandra Bullock stood on the beach with her arms outstretched, we reached my hotel.  

Normal travel time from Dulles International Airport to hotel:  39 minutes.
Patti travel time:  5 hours and 30 minutes.

Just a little sprinkle!

How it looked minutes later....



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