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Friday, December 4, 2015

Sheep Being Led to Slaughter?

Once again we have faced an unspeakable act of evil.  A group of friends and co-workers gathered to ring in the Christmas season, unaware of the carnage that awaited them - leaving family and friends in mourning and shock.  I commend the law enforcement community for their swift and heroic actions and even though it's evidently not politically correct, everyone affected by this tragedy will continue to be in my prayers.  

This will more than likely cause a great deal of backlash, but I'm going to say it anyway because it is my right and unfortunately true.  Acts of evil do not just originate from terrorists or other perpetrators of crime. They come from those in power and the mainstream media as well. 

The New York Daily News attacked believers with a front page statement, “God isn’t fixing this,” claiming that prayer basically consists of “empty and meaningless words”. This paper not only mocked God but also Republicans for offering their thoughts and prayers to the victims in San Bernardino (even though those same words came out of the mouths of Obama and the Attorney General with no reference to them at all - hmmmm). 

We are at risk of terrorism in our communities.  False prophets in positions of power have infected the public and mainstream media.  They tell us our country is safe, that we should open our borders to less fortunate even though the screening process is deficient.  They tell us the answer is gun control, not people control even though California has one of the most stringent gun control systems in the country.   They ask us to report suspicious activities then turn around and accuse us of being paranoid and involved in racial profiling. 

I’m sorry, but God does not want us to bury our heads in the sand and become sheep led to slaughter.  He wants us to stand up against the false prophets and fight for the protection of our family, friends and country.  I could care less what is politically correct anymore.  Our country should be uniting in the face of evil, rather than being pulled apart and it’s time those in power are held accountable for their treasonous acts against those they were sworn to protect.  

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