Monday, November 7, 2016


November 8, 1997, could be considered the darkest day of my 63 years on this planet because it was the day I hit the proverbial alcoholic bottom.  I would much rather see it as the day a small flame broke through the darkness - exposing the light of life, one day at a time.

To celebrate 19 years of being sober, here are 19 reasons I’m grateful:   

1.  I no longer call people at 2 a.m. pontificating about the affairs of the world.
2.  I can stand upright without leaning against a wall or another person.
3.  I bowl better.
4.  With coffee, I am now wide awake and functional instead of being wide awake and drunk.
5.  My language doesn’t emulate a drunken sailor.
6.  I don’t have to worry about who I might have offended the night before. 
7.  I wake up in the morning without feeling as if my mouth is stuffed with cotton.
8.  I’m satisfied with who I am.  (I embellished my life back in the day – i.e., dating a pro football player, my parents were millionaires and I just worked out of boredom, I tutored movie stars, etc., etc., etc.)
9.  I no longer have to make a fool out of myself by thinking I can dance.  I’m surprised my fancy moves weren't mistaken for seizures.
10. I don’t go to work and spend most of the day in a bathroom stall, dozing. 
11. My glasses actually help me see.
12. After a night out, I come home with everything on (coat, shoes, jewelry, etc.).
13. I no longer talk as if my ears were plugged.
14. I no longer get reminded of what I had for dinner when it comes up later.
15. I can shoot a game of pool without hitting someone with the cue stick.
16. People actually let me play darts.
17. I no longer need to sleep on the bathroom floor “just in case”.
18. I no longer mistake Bengay for Colgate toothpaste!
19. Last, but not least, I never have to suffer the consequences of being drunk and on Facebook at the same time.


  1. That's some good reasons not to drink. What a testimony you have!

    1. I had more, but I'll add on each year! LOLOL


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