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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Nut to Polished Gem - by Terry Palmer

Fellow author, Terry Palmer, posted the following on my Facebook Author's Page and I loved it.  Thank you Terry for sharing your words of hope and for the wonderful review of "Grave Obsessions". 

Years ago this author worked at the family gravel business. My father started that business with a truck and a prayer. He sure had an eye for the land. The same ground that would barely support a stunted stem of field corn, made wonderful gravel. I came into the business on a part time basis and soon learned the value of long lines of loading trucks and the shaking of the separation chambers as each size of rock tumbled out into their respective piles. On occasion I could delay leaving the pit after a good rain storm and spend time looking for ‘nuts’. Most of my life I have adored the chase of the agate business. Long hours up and down steep cliffs of agate bearing sand hoping to find a few pretty stones was a common past time. Now, due to the family business, I could have first chance at all those sandy cliffs and separated piles of rocks. It wasn’t long before I found some fist sized ‘nuts’. ‘Nuts’ are larger agates in their rough form. It takes a good eye and piles of discards before you will find those true gems. The outside layer of rock or husk, only told a bare glimpse of the treasure inside. Weeks of chipping and polishing were required to reveal the beauty inside. How like the Christian life. God takes some ‘nut’ like me, rough hide and all, and puts me through the chips and grinds of life, knowing from the start about the hidden gem within. The same is true for many of my Christian friends. They each had to pass through hard experience after the other as God refined them into the beauty underneath. For those as rebellious as I was, more trips into the grit and polish were required. Painfully, I can add that it took many years for this ol’ ‘nut’ to shine for Christ. When God is through with us, we are either on the discard pile or shine forth as a true gem. Which are you?
As I read Grave Obsessions by Patti J. Smith I find the same qualities. Her hero had to handle some true grit in order to both survive and to become the gem of the story. If you relish a great detective story that’s a real gem, then take that moment of grit and read it through. You’ll find an action packed story and some good lessons in life.


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