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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sin in Disguise

I try to avoid getting on my soapbox, (my husband might argue this! J), but there are times when I can no longer maintain silence. 

Henry Virkler once said, “Temptation often comes wrapped in the form of something beautiful, something that appeals to our senses and desires. It is often necessary to think twice before we recognize that a beautiful object or goal (at times) is really sin in disguise.”  Mr. Virkler was right on point, especially as it pertains to today’s view of what is right, wrong, moral, immoral, acceptable and unacceptable.

You cannot go anywhere recently without reading or hearing about Bruce Jenner’s transformation.  It’s on talk shows, in newspapers, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, Google+; the list goes on and on. One more time our impressionable children, (as well as society as a whole) are being told they can do whatever they want, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.  It doesn’t matter who it hurts or the fact it goes against God.  If it feels good, do it. 

We are all created in His image and those not accepting this fact are saying God made a mistake.  The desire to change what was created is not of God but of evil and should be fought with every ounce of faith and courage … not celebrated, sensationalized and encouraged. 

You might say I'm being judgmental.  Maybe I am, but I hope not.  We all have personal struggles and battle temptation every day.  Sometimes we win, sometimes not.  When we lose, we are called to repent - not justify our actions and demand the world to turn the wrong into a right.  






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