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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Occupational Hazard

In the course of a writer’s life (at least mine), a frustrating period of what I call “mushpair” rears its ugly head.  You won’t find mushpair at, it’s a Patti-ism, but not to worry … you’ll get the drift.
Being a prolific writer, my brain is always in overdrive – full of future stories, blog features, retreat formats, poems, etc.  Usually, the ideas are safely stored in their dedicated brain spot until they are formulated enough to put on paper as a draft.  Usually. 

That dreadful period comes when nothing can be stored, let alone formulated.  All my wonderful ideas mush together and I can’t for the life of me pull them apart.  The mind just whirls and whirls propelling me into a state of panic and despair.  I race to the refrigerator for comfort food (lots of comfort food) then try to find something on television to distract me for a while. 

It doesn’t last long in real-time, but in mind-time it seems to last forever.  After the first few episodes, I realized it was a sign I'm taking too much on and to slow down … but does that keep the monster at bay?  Nope.  Because it knows I will gradually return to hyper-mode and it patiently waits ... along with the frozen M & M's, string cheese and chocolate pudding.

So why do I go through the torture?  I’m a writer and it’s what I love.  I gain much more than I lose in the long run … unfortunately that includes a few extra pounds!  


  1. This is soooo relatable - right down to the frozen M&Ms!

    1. And the frozen M & Ms are the BEST! LOL


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