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Monday, June 8, 2015

A Writer's World: Robert Niswander

Robert Niswander is a forty-four year old poet trying to make it in this world of ours. He writes under the name Plot121 and has been writing since his teens. He has published four books available at Amazon. Many of his poems are based on his own experiences and how he sees the world. 

What is your primary focus when writing poetry?

I write about things in life, the subjects differ from time to time. I seem to let my mind dwell on many planes. So with that being the case, I have an opinion on everything. I like to learn and study so it's a joy when something comes to my mind and I poke at it for awhile with my imagination and see what forms.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I was in my teens. I had a difficult childhood. Often being teased because I did not fit in the normal pattern of school. So in my alone time I started to sort out my thoughts through this craft. Over the years, it became more than a coping skill but a salvation, and it has helped me deal with a lot of issues.  
Who inspires you?

My first inspiration was Poe, like so many. As I grew older, I leaned towards Gothe and Frost. Still, even now at the age of forty-four, my mother continues to be my greatest inspiration. Her boundless positive influence geared my work less from the darkness and more towards a humanitarian way of thinking.

Is all your work based on personal experience?

I guess you can say my work is both from experience and perception. We all see how the world is now, but giving writing about the way life should be is the talent we have as writers. I feel that is our job to give options on how it should be done as well so we can come with a solution good for us, all not just a few.
What would you like readers to
gain from your writing?

I would like readers to see the many different options they have, then they can make a more rational decision on the course they should take. Learning that everything they do affects someone. Keeping that in mind maybe someone will pause to really examine what needs to be done. My works cover a variety of subjects.  Although some may not agree with my point of view, I hope it gives pause for consideration.
Where can readers find your work?


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