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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Second Stop - Banks, Oregon

From Willows, we proceeded to Banks, Oregon (population 1,600) where my “brother and sister-in-law”, Dick and Sherry live.  The scenery was spectacular.  Oh, how I miss the mountains and plush green forests that I left when leaving Seattle twenty-six years ago. 
 Mike & Mt. Shasta, Lake Shasta, and the roadside view.
I need to explain something here....Dick is not actually my brother but he may as well be…His parents (Tess & Floyd) were my mom and dad's best friends.  Floyd was my father’s first sergeant in the Air Force and dad had to get his permission to marry my mom.  Not only that, Floyd and Tess almost delivered me in the back seat of their car on the way to the hospital in Wimpole Park, England. 

Sherry's Confirmation
The church where Sherry
was confirmed.  St. Francis is right
behind their house and we could
see the lit steeple at night!
We were in Banks for Easter to witness the confirmation of my sister-in-law who decided to convert to Catholicism.  The service was absolutely awesome.  Along with Sherry’s confirmation, there were five adults baptized which is outstanding for such a small parish. 

We were also happy to see Dick and Sherry’s daughter, Amy, and her family which consists of her husband John and five of their seven daughters (unfortunately, two had the flu).  What a beautiful family weekend. 
Mike, "Sis", Dad, Me & "Bro"

Sis and I hiding Easter Eggs for
the girls.

Mike and I with (L-R)
John (holding Kianna), Katie, Amy,
Karly, Kaylee and Karissa
Missed seeing Khloe and Kyla
Kianna's new friend... she woke up one morning
and told her mom, "We're going to grandma's
and guess who is going to be there? "
Then she raised her arms and said, "Harold!" 

Dad chatting it up with Karly, Katie and Kaylee

While there we discovered the wonders of a Keurig coffee maker and made a note to order one.  We also witnessed some wet stuff coming from the sky!  Oh, how I miss rain. Wish I could have sent some down to Central and Southern California.

The three days passed way too fast and we were sad saying good-bye.  God definitely blessed us with this wonderful extended family. 


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