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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vacation Prep

Vacation has almost arrived.  My husband and I are taking my dad on a two-week road trip to Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.  I've made the hotel reservations, mapped routes, alternate routes and typed out a written itinerary (with graphics, of course), notified friends and family, and checked the weather.  My books are boxed (always ready for an impromptu signing event), laptop ready (who knows when inspiration will hit) and my Kindle charged (downloaded several books to read while hubby is on driving duty). 

The only thing remaining is the daunting task of packing.  It never ceases to amaze me that my dad and husband aren’t stressing over it.  The typical comment from my husband is, “Just throw in some jeans and shirts.”  He glances in the closet, points towards a group of shirts and one pair of shoes, yes, ONE pair, and says, “That should do it."  No thought in his decision whatsoever.  I’ve been making mental lists of outfits for the past two weeks and I’ve still not decided. 

I wish I could be like my husband when it comes to preparing a travel wardrobe, but I can’t.  I mean, what I wear depends on my mood and to accomplish that I need variety.  Of course, I don’t want to wear something I wore last time I was visiting, that is just not acceptable (thank goodness for Facebook pictures from the last trip).  Then there are shoes and jewelry….of course I need a selection there as well.

The sad thing is that upon my return, as with all other trips, I will have only worn half of what I packed…..but does that dissuade me?  Nooooooooooooo.   


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