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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Special Guest: Alexsandra "Sasha" Babic

Alexsandra "Sasha" Babic is an incredibly talented artist, but most importantly a cherished friend and neighbor.  About two years ago, my husband and I shared a day at the beach with my parents.  We were there at sunset and decided to take some pictures.  When we got home and uploaded them to our computer, one reached out and touched our hearts.  Knowing Alex's gift, we asked if she could possibly do a portrait from the picture, as a Christmas present to my parents ... the results were amazing.  My parents were awestruck and brought to tears.  There was no doubt in my mind Alex poured out her heart and soul on that canvas.   
Showing the picture and portrait.  I loved the portrait so much, I used it as a book cover for a devotional on caregiving.

The reason for this post is two-fold.  (1) To show my appreciation for creating a keepsake that will be passed on to future generations and (2) To give you the opportunity to meet her and see a few samples of her work.
If you're searching for a memorable gift or beautiful art to accent your home, art by Alexsandra is the answer. 

Alexsandra is influenced by realism and impressionism.  When one views Alexsandra’s work, her style involves a rhythm of physical and emotional movement through her brush strokes.  Her European background influences and inspired her to study classical art, focusing on the figure.  She prefers to paint in oil and her palette varies upon each painting.  The signature on her paintings is “Sasha”, a personal and intimate nickname from her heritage.  Sasha states, “With every painting I want to evoke an emotional response from the viewer with a particular time, subject or space.”  She wants to keep every piece of art individual.  It is a story of its own.  Seeing the brush strokes moves her and shows the viewer her painting process.  “I see my work as real with no hidden agendas.  I have been influenced by master artists of the nineteenth century such as Pater Paul Rubens, Jean B. Corot and George Inness.”  Alexsandra “Sasha” was an awarded a Masters of Fine Arts in 2011. She remains immersed and inspired with the magnificent sounds, movement, and emotional effects of nature surrounding this area. The magic nature orchestrates and brings to each life also feeds her personal journey searching for light, perspective, and peace on Earth.  She is currently exhibiting internationally and nationally, now at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA, several galleries in So. CA., teaching classes, private lessons, commissions and restorations. She also curates art in public spaces offering the general public access to another form of communication and expression.

Alexsandra welcomes every opportunity to bring a portrait, group, or precious moment landscape onto a painting for your pleasure and lasting memory. Please contact her with any questions.
You can view more of her work at:
and contact her on Facebook:
or e-mail:





  1. She does some beautiful paintings. I love the one she did of your mom and dad. Thanks for sharing her artwork.

  2. Thanks Ann! She is very talented and I'm honored to have one of her "originals" in my home!


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