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Monday, February 9, 2015


Lesley is a former television reporter and journalist.  She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with her husband and a menagerie of animals.

What five words describe you?
Tenacious, Peaceful (I know those two sound opposing but somehow they aren’t), Happy, Fulfilled, Busy

 What are you working on at the minute? What is it about?

I spend a lot of time speaking and promoting my current book, The Foolish Sinners Guide to…Living in God’s Wisdom.

I am also working on two projects right now, well actually three if you count my ministry. 

One is a weekly book serial and podcast called ChurchiesChurchies is a Christian dramatic fiction series about a church in northern Ohio.  We follow the congregation as they work to live as Christians in a broken and fallen world. If you’ve ever experienced drama at a church before or struggled living your life as a Christian you will LOVE these characters and this series.  The first chapter will be available for free, to read on Wattpad and Kindle and to listen to on iTunes by the end of January 2015.  The website is nearly complete at  If someone is interested in subscribing and the site’s not up yet, just send me a message on and I’ll make sure you get added to the Churchies subscription list.   

The second is the next release in the Foolish Sinners Guide series.  It’s The Foolish Sinners Guide to…God’s Animals and the Rapture.  As an animal lover, with many animals, I have always been troubled by what will happen to my animals after the rapture.  Will they be here by themselves?  What will happen to them?  I began to study relevant bible verses to get an answer.  I was shocked by what I found so I decided to make it the next book in the series.  Yes, there are actually many bible verses that deal with this seemingly obscure topic.  Who knew right!?!  This should be ready for release by the end of May 2015.

Finally, the materials and online support for Spirit Strong Ministry.  At Spirit Strong Ministry, we provide churches (free of charge) with the materials and support necessary to offer their congregations Workshops, Challenges, and Projects.  They help teach biblical principles in fun and exciting ways.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

Interesting question since the lead character in my latest book is me.  Sooo, probably Emma Stone, as a blond.  I LOVE her personality!

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

What a great question.  That would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird.  Her writing is amazing.

 What is the hardest thing about writing?

The hardest thing about writing is just sitting down and doing it.  Oh, and learning to do it well!!

 Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

I am actually a former journalist and news reporter so I look at writer’s block differently than most authors.  It’s not an option.  When you’re in journalism you don’t have that option, the news will go on no matter what so you MUST write something. You just sit down and write, period! That way of thinking has helped me tremendously.  It’s also why I always have multiple projects going at any given time. 

 Where would your dream location be for writing?

I just have one dream location.  I would have no problem doing anything there.  Tropical.  Hot.  Sun.  Sand.  Water.  Ahhh, I feel better already!!!!!

When creating characters, are they based on people in your life?

I think all characters at their core are based in some way on the people you know or people you have met.  Then you have to take their personalities and amp them up and twist them this way and turn them the other way and eventually they become an interesting character.  It’s the characters that I eventually realize are based on my personality that truly freak me out.  It’s an interesting step toward self-realization!   

Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

Again journalism helps me here.  In TV journalism criticism was a daily thing.  So I have learned to deal with criticism by:

*Determining if there is any merit to what is being said considering the source.

*Knowing the difference between a personal attack and constructive criticism.

*Finally, knowing myself well enough to not get hurt or offended but take what I need from it and moving on.

*And finally, finally knowing when I am not in a state of mind where I can follow these steps.  If I can’t then I don’t read them.

As far as responding, in my search for Wisdom I have learned there is a time to interact with words.  However, when you are dealing with foolish people then no matter what you say they will continue to be foolish.  My guideline for this is, when I feel the person is sincerely loving in their desire to help me hone my craft then I will respond, whether good or bad.  If they are being foolish, I let them continue to be foolish on their own!

 If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be?

Writing is not optional to me.  I would write regardless of what else I was doing in my life, it just so happens to be what God has assigned to do.  It’s my purpose!!   

 What would you tell your younger self that would have helped you in your writing career?

To live passionately and write often.  Which is basically what I have done.  The only difference would be that I would tell myself earlier about the true power of words and I would be more diligent about honing the craft of writing.

Where can we buy your books?

The Foolish Sinners Guide to…Living in God’s Wisdom is an e-book and can be purchased anywhere you buy e-books.  It’s basically available on any reader.

Churchies will be on Wattpad, Kindle, and as a podcast on iTunes

 How can we keep up with you? Blog, Facebook, etc......  Everything is available through this site. 
Coming Soon:

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