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Monday, February 23, 2015

An Author Speaks: Jeanne Doyon shares her writing journey

Jeanne Doyon’s ministry of pausing to see God clearly encourages others to draw nearer to the Lover of their souls. She connects the Truths in Scripture to the ordinary events of life and shares her reflections on her blog at She enjoys writing, photography, tea with friends, and creating with beads. She and her husband John live in Connecticut. 
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Have you ever said that, and then wondered how to get your idea onto the printed page? That’s where I am, learning how to make progress on something the size of an elephant—one page at a time.

My book idea came from teaching a women’s workshop called, Don’t Let Fear Win! I have struggled with fear all my life—fear that affects how I live life. Can anyone relate? I think lots of women can; that’s why I need to write the book.

So this crazy idea pushed me to sign up to participate in NaNoWriMo. I have never written more than a 1500 word article, so 50,000 words in 30 days seemed monumental. I broke it down to 1666 words a day for thirty days. Talk about daunting! But, what did I have to lose? Even if I didn’t finish, I would have written more than my article length manuscripts. I needed a push and NaNoWriMo was just the shove I needed.

It was grueling at times but I did finish the 50,000 words. It felt good but at the same time I had no idea where to begin taming the monster I created.

Because I speak to women, I want women to be able to pick up something on my book table to take home that will give them more to pursue and also remind of them of the sessions we shared together.

So that’s where I am right now—topics, seminars, and a 50,000 mish-mash of words on fear. I “simply” need to know where to go with it all.  I struggle with what to include and what to leave out. So, I know I haven’t narrowed down my topic enough. I struggle with the format: Bible study, interactive journal, or narrative with chapter discussion questions? So, I know I need to decide on my audience. Do I self publish, submit to a traditional publisher, or make photocopied booklets on my printer? Such is the question that every writer and speaker faces when they see the plethora of choices available. I automatically think that a traditional publisher won’t be interested in me or my work. So, I begin thinking low rather than reaching for the top bar.

I need guidance from someone who has taken this path before. So, I did what any crazy writer would do, I submitted the first five pages to a contest for a chance to attend a writer’s conference on scholarship. In my zany thinking I wondered if anyone else will think my idea is print worthy—and winning a contest is the best fleece prayer I could pray.

In the meantime, I have taken chapters to my critique group. I have polished and have begun new chapters. And, most of all, I am praying for the Lord’s direction because I know He didn’t give me these words for just myself. He has a plan to use them to build up and equip the Body of Christ. His Holy Spirit is the ultimate ghost writer and is promised—to equip us with power.

My working title for the book is:
B.O.L.D. Living
Stepping Past Fear to Embrace God-Confidence
So, I’m trusting God with envisioning my book. He will show me how to bring it to completion. And, I know it will be more than I can imagine because it’s His idea in the first place.

Can anyone else resonate with me on this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Thank you for inviting me to share. I and my ministry are a work in progress :)

  2. Way to go, Jeanne. When God is leading, you can't go wrong. I'm sure you will bring it to publication.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jeanne! I'm looking forward to the release! Keep me posted, okay?

    1. I will, Patti. Thank you for the encouraging push.


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