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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Who is Anne Baxter Campbell?
  • *I’m first, last, and foremost a Christian who loves God more than anything. *I’m the wife of a wonderful man who is somehow my perfect match. *I’m a mom to three outstanding adult children who bless me more than I ever could have imagined. *I’m also a good friend to my husband’s adult children and their families; I’m not their mom—they had that in the wonderful lady who preceded me in their dad’s life, and there is no way I would ever want to replace her in that role. *I’m a grandma, great-grandma, and step-grandma to an ever-increasing, noisy, and fun crowd of kids. *I’m a writer and speaker who prays over every word written and spoken. It’s my prayer that God will shine through the writing and glow in the speaking, walking the readers and hearers One Step Closer to God. *I grew up in Challis, Idaho, beloved daughter of my mom and dad and little sister of a great guy I have always looked up to.

What five words describe you? 
Ummmm—crazy, disorganized, petite (as in a little short), rounded (as in lots of curves in all the wrong places), wrinkly (as in everywhere). Also fallen (past tense), forgiven (present tense), follower (of Jesus), free-flowing (panster), philosopher. 
What are you working on at the minute? What is it about? 
This interview, and it’s about eight hundred words. Oh—you mean what is my current work in process? That’s another short story in my “Once Upon . . .” series. It’s presently called What Thanksgiving? That name could change a half-dozen times in the next couple of weeks before I turn it in to the publisher. It’s about a couple of teenage girls, one of whom let her boyfriend talk her into smoking meth. The girl who took the hit is a foster child to the second girl’s grandmother, and they’re afraid the child protective services will take her away. I’d tell you more, but the characters haven’t told me what’s going to happen next yet. 
Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character 
from your most recent book? 
The most recent full-length book is The Truth Doesn’t Die, a story about a Greek woman proselyte who is grieving the loss of her husband and about the Roman senator who would like to marry her. You will laugh when I tell you who I want playing the parts, because they are ones popular when I was a much younger woman and before. I can see Princess Grace of Monaco (who used to be an actress) playing the part of Joanna, and I would pick Caesar Romero to be the senator. 
If you could have been the original author of any book, what would 
 it have been and why? 
The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. Or maybe Red Ink by Kathi Macias. Or Invisible by Ginny Yttrup. It’s the same reason for each of them—they reach down into your soul and force you to examine it and then invite you to expose it to God’s cleansing, forgiveness, and warmth. 
What is the hardest thing about writing? 
Depends on the day, but mostly the hardest thing is overcoming inertia. That can be getting started, coming up with the next scene, or making sure you close all the loops. Dangling loops at the end of a book are just plain ugly. Well, okay, you can dangle some if you close them before the end of a series. 
Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block? 
The biggest thing is prayer. Next best is just keep going. There are times when you have to get up off your behind and do something different for a while. Going for a walk is nice. Getting caught up on your accounting is good. Fixing your spousal unit a meal is a fine thing to do. While your active mind is distracted, your subconscious is resting, recuperating, and planning the next move. 
Where would your dream location be for writing? 
Right where I am. I’m in a comfortable loveseat with my laptop. My hubby is sitting in his easy chair. I can look out the window and see the grass and bushes in the foreground and the orchards with a deer or two or twenty in the background. My little dog is at my elbow. This is close to heaven. 
When creating characters, are they based on people in your life?  
Not really. Well, except for the one just released, Lawrence’s Christmas, and in that one I used members of my own family as characters. In my other books, the characters seem to develop themselves. 
Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad? 
I do read the reviews, but I haven’t responded to them—other than to thank the ones who wrote them, if I know who they are. Except for one—a bad review. The person really didn’t like the book. I did respond to that one asking if the person could tell me what I should have done to make it acceptable in her (?) sight. I looked at some of the other reviews the person did, and they all basically said the same thing, that she had “no words” to describe how bad it was. 
If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be? 
A reader. Which I am anyway. 
What would you tell your younger self that would have helped you in  
your writing career? 
Start young and keep up the work. Don’t put it into a drawer and forget it. 
Where can we buy your books? 
Helping Hands Press: 
Barnes and Noble: 
And directly through me: 
How can we keep up with you? Blog, Facebook, etc...... 
Facebook: I think I’m the only Anne Baxter Campbell there. I have a timeline and   
author’s page, so take your pick. 
Twitter: @Anne_Baxter_C 
I’m also on LinkedIn, Google+, and Goodreads—just look for the same name as on Facebook.


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