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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Instead of "New Year Resolutions", I'm going to use the term "Bucket List".  Maybe I'll be a tad bit more successful.  I know, it sounds silly, but for some reason, Bucket List sounds friendlier and doable.  Also, I've summoned up the courage  to hold myself accountable by posting the list for all to see.  (Yikes!)  Hopefully my husband won't read this post??!!!

Okay ... here goes:

First and foremost - QUIT SMOKING!  I have attempted this several times but have always failed.  You would think that after being successful at staying sober for seventeen years, not smoking would be a breeze, but noooooo!  If anyone has any suggestions (short of locking myself in a padded room for a month), I would welcome them.

Participate in more parish activities, including Thursday adoration.
Be diligent in praying the rosary every day.

Facilitate at least three Rachel's Hope After-Abortion Healing retreats and three "The Healing Continues". 

Publicly share my testimony of God's mercy at more venues.  Promote Silent No More Awareness and its mission of educating the public on the disastrous physical, psychological and spiritual consequences of abortion and providing resources for healing.

Try two new dinner recipes each month.  (Watch out!)

Take four road trips with my family, budget permitting:  The Pacific Northwest, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and one "spur of the moment - destination unknown".

Finish my volume of "The San Francisco Wedding Planner, come up with a suitable climax for my "Grave Obsessions" series, write four more devotionals and spotlight more authors on my blog.  Reach out to fellow authors and my publisher for critiques and be more aggressive in promotions.

That's it - I tried to be realistic and hope you will all pray for my success.  I'll pray for yours as well!

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