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Friday, December 12, 2014

End of the Light

On Thursday night, we attended a memorial service with other families that lost someone this year.  My mom passed on February 12th.  The service was something the mortuary provides to offer solace during the Christmas season. Before we each lit candles in memory of our loved ones, one of the presiding ministers told a story that touched my heart and gave me hope.  It goes a little like this ...

One night a father asked his young son to retrieve water from the well that was at the far end of their property.  It was dark, and the son was frightened.  The father told the boy to hold the bucket in one hand and a lantern in the other and continue walking until he reaches the end of the light.  The son did as instructed, and before he knew it, he reached the well safely because the light never ended.  He filled the bucket, turned around and returned home, no longer afraid. 

What I gleaned from the story is this:  We are all faced with darkness in our lives but as long as we hold on to God, through faith, we will never reach the end of His loving light ... a light that shines over us with not only His love but of those we lost as well.


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