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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Writer's Calisthenics: Jumping Genres

When I finally garnered up the courage to pursue getting published, I submitted a Christian devotional. I found that after being accepted for publication, I continued with that genre.  It was comfortable and safe.  It wasn't until my publisher asked me to participate in a light romantic fiction series (with some very talented writers, I might add) that I ventured out of my comfort zone. I won't lie; I was terrified and hesitant; however, I committed to the project.  It was the best move I could have made.

Link to Series I
Link to Series II
The project I'm speaking of is The San Francisco Wedding Planner series. Working with Jen Cudmore, Mishael Austin Witty, Ruth L. Snyder and Sheila Seiler Lagrand provided me the opportunity to learn from the best. Their encouragement not only gave me the self-confidence necessary to continue with the series, but to start one of my own in yet another genre: Christian  Suspense  ~~  Grave Obsessions.

Link to all Volumes
My primary love is creating works that inspire and spread a message of faith, but I found that genre jumping saved me.  I had become complacent and it showed. My words were absent the joy.  Once challenged and forced to stretch my imagination muscles, lo and behold, the joy returned. Taking the jump was just what I needed to refresh my mind and spirit.

Not only that, I realized faith does not need to be limited to my devotionals, I can bring it to any genre. No one can predict what word, sentence or paragraph within a genre will reach out and pull a reader towards God.  So along with being tagged by a couple of author friends as "Dr. Jeckyll and Patti J. Smith" and the "Sybil" of the writing world, I have added one:  Patti J. Appleseed - I'm planting seeds of faith everywhere!

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