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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


What inspired you to become a writer?

My mother was a lifelong bibliophile who always had three books going at once, a paperback or Beach Book, a Classic and something off the Bestseller list. She missed her calling as an author and English professor at Oxford. She was a strict and relentlessly grammar and usage self-improving wordsmith and demanded the same from those around her. She was fondly known as the keeper of the Queen’s English. She could quote obscure Oscar Wilde references with ease. She instilled a love of all things literary within me at an early age. I learned I had a love of reading and writing while in Elementary school at St. Andrew the Apostle and flew through my English and History courses throughout my education. I wrote a few award winning pieces in school and served as staff journalist for the Loyola Maroon, at Loyola University, New Orleans. Upon graduating, I began my professional career as a business journalist for Gambit Newsweekly. I have also served as the Managing Editor for Gridweek Sports Review, the onetime official sports weekly publication for the New Orleans Saints. I also contributed to The New Orleans Times-Picayune and USA Today. I began fiction writing during my college years. My first novel, Time Couriers, was published in 2008, but only after six revisions with my mother and then four more with the Publishing House. Short answer: My mother.

Which one of your books do you consider your "pride and joy".  Why?

I only have one novel in publication at present. Time Couriers was initially released in 2008 via a British Publishing House. It was recently re-published both digitally and in paperback under the Trestle Press Imprint, allowing me to add a dedication page that simply reads: For my mother, Theresa. For whatever reason, that one page was left out of the original printing. Time Couriers is historical fiction and an esoteric geo-political thriller. It took years to research, write and revise. It taught me so much about the publishing industry and also gave me a chance to collaborate with my incredibly talented mother just prior to her death. It was a joyous experience and one I will treasure for the remainder of my life.

Do you have any preparation rituals before you begin to write?

I carry a notebook with me at all times to jot down ideas as I am formulating plot concepts. Traditionally, I have outlined every plot completely as an outgrowth of my initial synopsis. This invariably changes as the story progresses and the characters come into their own. I don’t always outline, if I am writing a short story or digital installment to a series. Many times they are done in a single sitting and hence the outline would be superfluous. I prefer outlining out of the two methods. I have more confidence moving forward if an outline has been completed. I also immerse myself in the subject matter to the point of saturation, all the while taking notes. I then go back and review those notes to ensure the concepts are woven into the narrative.

                    If you had to come up with a book title that described your life,
what would it be?

The Journey Back to the Creator.

If you had a chance to have dinner with any author, who would it be?

Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights to me is the quintessential novel.

We all have family, work and other do you maintain
balance while in the middle of a writing project?

I don’t know. How do you?

What is the one piece of advice you received about writing that helped
you the most?

Throw curve balls at the reader.

Where can we purchase your books and how can we keep up with you?  

C Q Scafidi Author page on Amazon:

You can also follow me on Facebook at: , Twitter at: also keep profiles on LinkedIn and ReferralKey. Look for me there.

Last, but not least...What and when is your next release?  Provide a brief synopsis.

I am currently working on a new digital series, which I hope will eventually be combined into a finished novel. I stuck my big toe into the Young Adult genre with my paranormal fantasy thriller, The Herman Thrice Series. I just released Volume Two – Seeds of Destruction and am currently working on Volume III – Light Worker Curriculum, scheduled for release in late August. The series tells the story of a young millennial, Christian Gideon, who was born with the ability to speak, apparently learned while in his mother’s womb. He was reading at two and had taught himself Spanish by four. His father, Stan Gideon, knew his son was special, but never imagined the destiny that lay in wait for his gifted progeny. As a former agent for D.A.R.P.A., Stan was now working deep undercover. In his years with the government, he had encountered others like his son. It was for this reason that he allowed his son to be mentored by those only known to Christian as “the immortals.” Within a short few years, Christian was writing peer-reviewed scientific papers on particle physics, while his father successfully got him employment at a secret particle accelerator in the shadows of Mount Shasta. 
With his assignment to infiltrate the nefarious C.E.R.E.S. cabal, Stan was investigating their plan for global depopulation, while his young son was being schooled in the ancient arts of alchemy by his quirky project manager, Dr. Herman Thrice. Unbeknownst to Stan, Christian would soon be selected to hone his special talents as a Light Worker for the planet Earth. Via the power of Inter-Dimensional travel, Christian would join other “millenials” with similar talents at the Light Worker Academy located on a planet circling one of the Seven Sisters or Pleiades. It was here that they would learn that they are actually the next step in human evolution. 
Using the top secret information uncovered by his father, Christian would soon return to Earth with his teammates, to stop the depopulation agenda and restore the planet to its original pristine condition utilizing their newfound alchemical skills. Will the father and son be successful at thwarting the ongoing attempts by C.E.R.E.S. to cull the human population through the systemic poisoning of the planet? Will they overcome the dark forces at work within the government to aid C.E.R.E.S.?

Read the Herman Thrice series and follow the Gideons as they work in tandem to save the planet Earth from its ultimate destruction. 


CQ Scafidi began his writing career at a very young age winning his first prize for an essay on "What Freedom Means to Me," awarded by the American Legion, during his third grade year. Since then his travels have taken him around the globe and he has been witness to several World changing events including in Rome, Italy in 1978, the death of two Catholic Popes and attendance at a state funeral. In 1996 he was witness to the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing and its horrific aftermath. On September 11, 2001 he was serving as a member of the International Business Committee for the World Trade Center of New Orleans and assisted with the relief efforts immediately following the attack.

After graduating from Loyola University of New Orleans with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, his love of writing and history brought him back to journalism. He served as an investigative journalist and subsequently cut his teeth by covering various stories as a reporter and editor for Gambit Newsmagazine in New Orleans, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, and USA Today, reporting on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. While covering stories for Gambit, including the 1988 Republican National Convention, Mr. Scafidi also served as Assistant Producer for the British Broadcasting Corporation's, historic four-hour broadcast of "Mardi Gras to the World." He also served as an editor for an NFL weekly publication for the New Orleans Saints.

It was during his youth that he found his love of fine cuisine and funded his education while working in some of New Orleans finest restaurants beginning with the World Famous Café du Monde and then to several of the finest dining establishments in New Orleans. Mr. Scafidi comes from a long-line of restaurateurs, caterers and gourmets. His Sicilian-American grandfather, Max Scafidi was the owner of the first Pizza restaurant on Long Island, New York in the 1930's and 1940's, The Orchard. His mother, Theresa, also operated a successful catering business in New Orleans. While in Rome, Mr. Scafidi was also first exposed to the world of back room high-level diplomacy. While his father served as the Maritime Attaché for the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy, CQ Scafidi was witness to the aftermath of the fatal attack on Italy's president Aldo Moro, in 1978. His father also served as interim NATO Ambassador for the 1978 session. His father later moved the office of Attaché to Athens, Greece and barely missed the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran by a matter of days.

Mr. Scafidi went on to serve as the International Marketing Manager for United Parcel Service in the Gulf South District. During his tenure there he worked with some the largest global corporations, professional associations and conventions. He served as liaison for the National Football League; bringing him back full circle after his earlier work as an editor for the NFL. Mr. Scafidi also worked with organizations as vast as the United Way of America, the American Bar Association, BellSouth, even Enron, just prior to its fatal collapse. His unique life experiences, travels and employment opportunities have provided Mr. Scafidi with the wealth of information to craft tales of intrigue, murder, suspense and global esoteric conspiracy. Read Mr. Scafidi's work and you'll see world events in an entirely different light. Mr. Scafidi is the best-selling author of an award-winning novel of global conspiracy, Time Couriers, and new digital short series, The Herman Thrice Series, available on Amazon via Trestle Press and major booksellers.

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